Qualco Solutions Call Center
Qualco Solutions Call Center
Qualco Solutions Call Center
Qualco Solutions Call Center

The Qualco PEOD Service Framework


  • We know that every customer’s business is unique and hence we take the time to understand your requirements in detail
  • Based on our detailed evaluation we develop a thorough, flexible and cost effective service solution designed around your business


  • Our team of highly trained agents will ensure that your customer’s receive the best customer service possible.
  • 24/7 availability means that our agents are always available to help customers resulting in few dropped calls
  • We use the latest technology to ensure that we obtain real time feedback on agents performance and monitor customer service levels


  • Working closely with our partners we develop service models that are efficient and streamlined to ensure that customers have the best customer support experience
  • Using highly effective measurement and reporting systems we ensure that we are always in touch with the quality of the service we provide


  • Our goal is to provide world class customer service and hence we always strive to under promise and over deliver
  • Using an open feedback learning model we strive to ensure we offer an outstanding service all the time

Key Features

24/7 Availability

Highly Trained Agents

Easy Integration

Full Customization

Flexible Models

Cost Effective Frameworks